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“What a Natural Partnership… Chiropractic and Massage Therapy” (Part 1 of 2)

For so long, there has been the question of what is the most effective way to treat the spine. Medication vs. chiropractic vs. surgery vs. massage vs. physical therapy vs. bed rest vs. exercise and on and on the list goes. In our practice, we have found it is not a question of is one discipline is better than the other. Rather, how can we more effectively treat the condition if we look at it as a collaborative team approach?

Chiropractic primarily addresses the mechanical or joint component of an injury. Chiropractic focuses on restoring joint motion to enhance the healing process. Massage therapy addresses the spine from a myofascial or muscle perspective. With massage, deep pressure is applied to the muscles which promotes tissue repair. The important partnership of these two disciplines is that they are looking at two different components of the spine that are intrinsically and inherently linked. Often, if a patient has a long-standing, chronic problem, myofascial trigger points or “knots” develop in the muscles. This shortened tissue restricts the joint motion. In an acute injury, with the commencement of inflammation, there is often noted a restricted joint with muscle spasms. The body goes into defense mode with the muscle to protect the joint. It is an important relationship to address simultaneously, since the muscle is the powerhouse behind the joint and allows it to move.

We have been fortunate, for over the past 10 years, to have Touch of Tranquility Massage Therapy right across the driveway from our office on West Pulteney Street in Corning. From Ithaca, Christina Lower brought down not only the benefit of massage therapy, but a direction of overall wellness care that has been a natural partnership with our chiropractic office of over 50 years.

The secret to spinal treatment is that there is strength in knowledge and combined ideas. The spine is made up of so many components that it takes an interdisciplinary approach to truly receive the best outcome. With four chiropractors and three massage therapists working together as a collaborative team with shared ideas, it’s a great starting place for not only your spinal health, but your overall health goals as well.

We look forward to having Christina Lower as a guest on our Topic of the Month in March to provide the massage therapy point of view in this discussion.


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